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Falls Music and Arts Festival Music Wrap-up


Another gorgeous year’s Falls Festival at Byron Bay is done and dusted, but festivals are a dime a dozen these days with some being better than others, so how did this one stack up?

From the time we drove North from Byron Bay to the North Byron Parklands up the Pacific Highway, there was an atmosphere of calm contrary to what one would expect whilst a world class festival is being held.
The parking situation was easy – almost too easy – and the volunteers were kind, friendly and knowledgeable. Security was much the same.

Entering the festival grounds we noted that they were busy, but not crowded. There appeared to be a distinctly different crowd than another festival earlier in the year – friendly, happy, chilled – which is a testament to the type of event Falls Festival is.

A world class medley of acts spread across two stages over three days was more than enough to keep us entertained, highlights of this particular author being found in Art Vs Science, The Maccabees, Børns, Halsey, Birds of Tokyo and The Rubens.

The Wrap-up: Falls Festival was extremely positive, well organised, and wholesome. We give Falls a 10/10.

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David is a photographer, videographer, entrepreneur and father. Born and raised in Queensland, but now calling the Byron shire home, he is extremely passionate about music, beards and creative arts. You’ll often find him shooting festivals, gigs, portraits and studio, as well as filming and releasing live music videos weekly through Valiant Music Sessions. Though new to the publishing world, he has hit the ground running and is now handling anything music related for Common Ground Australia.


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