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Crowd Surfing at Falls Festival


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Emily comes from a family with a strong photographic background, which combined with her fresh sense of wonder about the world and her passion for telling stories creates a raw and refreshing approach to photography not often seen with someone of her talents. Nature, live music, family and people with a story waiting to be told are what keeps drawing her towards the camera, keeping these special memories for our viewing and sharing a piece of herself in the process.


Since the days of Bill Shakespeare, poetry has been a conveyance of passion. Whether it was suicidally profuse amorousness or ragingly maniacal power-hunger, poetry was...

At Falls Festival, they are always looking for ways to ensure their processes are smooth and your experiences get better each year. Falls asked...

 BELA FLECK & ABIGAIL WASHBURN come to BANGALOW A&I HALL... ‘With warmth and wit, the husband-and-wife duo reveal the extraordinary expression of a much maligned...

Five years ago, Kate Atkinson left her home of fours years in Bellingen and headed south. She was heading to Melbourne, but on arrival,...