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Local independent filmmaker, Nathan Oldfield, makes things different.

Not one to subscribe to the surf film conventions of perfect, massive waves, exotic destinations or pounding soundtracks, Oldfield portrays the other side of surfing, the deeper connection in personal accounts of the featured surfers’ lives and experiences. His movies Lines From A Poem, Seaworthy and The Heart & The Sea, do exactly this, creating soul and beauty in an otherwise often adrenalin-saturated market.

Nathan recently connected with local freesurfer, Dave Rastovich for short film project, Gathering, exploring Rastovich’s ideas around how the tension between the industrial and the natural in the surfing world unfolds in our local surfing community and environment.

Gathering celebrates how diversity and difference in ecosystems, relationships and surfing contribute to the preciousness of life.

Gathering will be available at news agencies soon as featured DVD on the upcoming issue of Tracks Magazine.

all photos: Nathan Oldfield


Gathering Trailer from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.










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