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People to know – Viv Fantin


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As a child, Viv grew up in the wild, wild west of Sydney, the first daughter of two Italian immigrants. She has lived in Bangalow for almost 10 years now. Before that, in different spots around the inner west of Sydney. Viv admits, to being in a panic about the prospect of moving to a town with one main street, but the Bangalow community seeped into her bones and stole her heart. “Some of the most awesome, rock-solid friendships I’ve forged were born in this one-street town.”

What’s your Day job?

I’m mostly a personal coach. I also work for North Byron Parklands and as an event publicist for APRA. I am a media trainer. And I teach ethics to Primary School kids at Bangalow Public School.

How did you get here? What is your past work experience?

Previously I was a music and festival publicist so I’ve experienced all kinds of crazy, especially traveling with the Big Day Out festival. I’ve worked as publicist for the Livid, Splendour and Homebake festivals and as PR Director working the red carpet for the ARIA and APRA Music Awards. These jobs ultimately led me to coaching. The creative industries are exciting but utterly exhausting. Stress levels are high, work hours are often unsustainable and scope creep is rife. It’s hard to know when work ends and personal time begins. I suffered a big case of burnout and really wanted to learn skills to help not only myself, but others who are heading down that path. Coaching seemed like the perfect fit for me.

Is it your passion or just something you do? If yes why are you so passionate about it?

Coaching is 100% my passion. I’d been skirting around the ‘helping professions’ for some years before biting the bullet and embarking on my coach certification. I love working with people who want to get more from their lives but can’t quite figure out the steps needed to get there. I’m very passionate about helping people find less stressful ways to live their lives.

What’s your idea of perfect happiness?

A sleep-in on a Sunday morning. Sipping a perfectly brewed chai tea over the weekend paper, followed by a swim at Clarks beach with the family. Or a family holiday when I can totally disconnect from email and other digital distractions.

Which living person do you most admire & why?

Ah, this is a tricky question to answer as it changes regularly. Right now, it’s hands down Barack Obama. I’ve always admired him but with the contrast of the new POTUS so very stark, my respect and appreciation for the Big O has been reignited. That he was able to pull anything off with a hostile, obstructionist Congress is a testament to his tenacity and intelligence. He’s one compassionate, thoughtful, clever, articulate human being who has had a profound influence on me.

What’s your greatest extravangance?

I don’t really have any! Oh, hang on. Heading off to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band play a few shows in coming weeks will be a huge treat. I’m going on tour with the Boss!

What is your favourite thing to do in Byron Bay?

Swimming at any beach. Eating at St Elmo with good friends. Huffing and puffing my way up to the Lighthouse to take in the incredible view.

For more about Viv’s work check out: www.nextactcoaching.com.au


Kirra Pendergast is the editor of Common Ground Australia. An award winning photographer, Kirra first picked up a camera at 12yrs old. Her photography has been widely published in everything from international newspapers through to Rolling Stone Magazine (which was a major bucket list tick) Kirra is always out capturing photographs of things as varied as the immense power and beauty of the ocean, storms, and the breathtaking landscapes of Northern NSW. Kirra's photographic passion is music, portraiture and street photography. Born and raised in Byron Bay, Kirra's family has spent generations in the Northern Rivers hailing from Lismore, Tuntable Falls, Tregagle and Byron Bay. Kirra is passionate about supporting local music, creatives, the arts and local business using Common Ground as a platform to promote this place, its people and their passion.


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