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Minds by the Sea

If you missed the Outdoor Screening last night for the Byron Bay Film Festival, well… YOU REALLY MISSED OUT!

Dave Rastovich’s film Minds in the Water, accompanied by a series of incredible short films. Jack Johnson making a cameo appearance, alongside Will Conner, Rusty Miller and Garret Kato. The Full Moon put on a show, families and friends, food and blankets, it was an incredible community feast!

Enjoy the pics!

Words and Photos by Johnny Abegg – facebook.com/johnnyabegg
Photos taken on a Nikon D7000 with a few fun lenses – mynikonlife.com.au


Johnny is one of the founding members of Common Ground, who brings an element of creativity to the CG landscape through his filmmaking, photography and writing. Having lived in Byron Bay for over 15 years, moving to the area from the colder climates of Tasmania, Johnny has a strong passion for filmmaking, surfing and his local community, living a few kilometres south at Broken Head in an old School. Mr Abegg can be found out-and-about surfing his favourite haunts, drinking an early morning coffee, and lost in thought with creativity.


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