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Community Radio with Daniel Salfield


In the words of Bay FM radio-caster Daniel Salfield (he is currently in Canada)…

“A community is a family. Community radio is that families crazy uncle. Outspoken, eccentric and unpredictable. Sometimes wise, sometimes silly but always there and always ‘on’. I have always liked crazy uncles and I love community radio. I love the myriad of personalities and cultures that melt together into an audio landscape. Full of contrasts and contradictions that no commercial radio programmer would allow. From mind twisting doof, to classical 50’s jazz, to some washed up beatniks collection of records he picked up for 50 cents at thrift store in Camden down. Bay Fm has something for literally everyone.

Then there’s the more important side of community radio and that’s it ability to give a voice to people who care about your community and to motivate change and progress. Delivering important and relevant insights to your ears with no editorial constraints. Organic thoughts straight from the source.

Personally i have always been in it for the celebrity of community radio. I like the feeling of walking down the street and people pretending they don’t recognise me. When I order a coffee and ask the waitress if they recognise my voice, they may not instantly know it was from 4 to 6pm on a tuesday afternoon but after a bit of cajoling I get the recognition i deserve. For me Bay Fm is where I belong, like the crazy uncle hovering by the punch at family reunion, Bay Fm will always be there, entertaining you for better or for worse.”

Danny is off to Canada for a while (we will miss him), we will also have a website for him soon (get your shit sorted Danny), but in the meantime we will link to Mr Salfield’s last novel’s blog titled Sex & Surfing.

Contributing writer Danny Salfield grew up in the coastal ghetto of Byron Bay and soon developed a taste for the dangerous drug and readily available known as salt-water heroin. His use of Surfing went from recreational to obsessive and a desire to be creative soon followed. He developed an interest in the media and communications and went on to do a Bachelor of Arts at Southern Cross University. Following the completion of his University degree he developed his own community radio program based around surf culture in Byron bay called ‘the Sandpit’, he featured guests both local and international from filmmaker Jack McCoy to local activist Dave Rastovich. He then moved into Commercial Radio on the Gold Coast. After a number of years decided that there is only so long you can pretend to be interested in the latest plastic song from a plastic artist and decided to resist the mainstream for as a long as possible. After leaving the radio world he spent a lot of time traveling and chasing the aqua dragon all over the world from Asia to Europe to North America. Whilst doing this there was enough electricity in his surf-drugged brain to produce a short novel titled ‘Sex and Surfing’. He has now finished a second novel, which is ready for publication and hopefully on the shelves sometime soon. During his career in the Arts, Danny has also thrown himself to the lions as a stand up comic and been the MC for various events. He currently resides with his Canadian girlfriend on Vancouver Island, from where he will be updating us on his always humorous and illuminated insights on what life is like when the surf drug is in short supply.


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