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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Kim Churchill but were too afraid to ask….

There are some artists born to the world circuit. Kim Churchill is one of them. A true musical troubadour, a man who finds ‘home’ on stage communing with his audience. A passionate surfer, and world citizen, Churchill recently shot the clip for his track Window to the Sky in the Grand Canyon National Park in Nevada and Montreal, a landscape almost as expansive as his music. Churchill is one of the featured acts at this years Mullum Music Festival.

The Perfect day for me starts… with a surf and a smoothie..
When I am writing a song I love it when… it takes about 5 minutes and you understand it to be finished.
Busking really teaches you how to… stay humble and perform for the audience as much as for yourself..otherwise they simply walk away..
The place where I feel the most myself is… on stage.
If I could live anywhere in the world it would… Angourie, Australia.
I most enjoy playing… sober.
For me there is ultimate freedom in… surrendering yourself to what is.
I think the world would be a better place if… about 3 quarters of us didn’t exist.. Sadly..
People who interest me most are the ones who… are comfortable and confident in their own skin.
Falling in love is… a daily ritual.
The first time I got my heart broken I… bought a van, built a bed in the back. And ran away..
I would describe my relationship with my guitar as… a hermits relationship to his pet dog (given the hermit has a pet dog).
I would love to play with… Justin Vernon.
In ten years I see myself… with a few more happy wrinkles,
My favourite gig is when… I’ve forgotten my entire identity.

Kim Churchill plays the Mullum Music Festival November 20-23 and Falls Festival December 30 2014- January 3 2015.


Angus and Julia Stone have given us their first new single since 2010… and so worth the wait.

Going their separate ways for a couple years, they joined forces with legendary producer Rick Rubin, who heard their music at a party, deciding he wanted to make a record with them – but only if both were on board.  ‘Heart Beats Slow‘ is the result, showcasing that back-and-forth dynamic we have always loved from Angus and Julia.