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Chad Kolcze
I consider myself as one HOT no-one, who likes to write about COOL people & awesome sub-cultures. And the fact that people like my style is wonderful. I mean, its a fun creative outlet to undertake, with so much diversity and possibilities to choose from. With writing, I get to delve into the world of emotion and express through words the passion, the glory, the anger/ fear, joy, talent and the unique stories that all individual humans have to offer or offer as a collective. Not only articulating emotion, visual description can portray beautiful environments i.e. The exceptional cherry red colour of the sun, made for a surf photographers dream day as the roaring aqua surged out hollow pits. So lots of fun under the red sun, when writing something thats fun fun fun. This is where id like to finish, leaving you with the knowledge that the aim of my work is to inspire & entertain others.

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Chad Kolcze is a busy, passionate man. Some might say a big kid. A big kid that writes Action Sports based kids books. He...